This site was created by former biomedical laboratory workers to be a place of safety, understanding, and insight for those who are still there working with monkeys or chimpanzees and for those who have left the lab but remain haunted by the memories. We’ve been there! We want you to know that the things you are feeling about research and the ‘lab subjects’ you care for are normal and expected. We want to offer practical advice on how to deal with the emotional impact of witnessing and participating in biomedical research  – the sadness, guilt, depression, helplessness, and anger – and to support and validate your legitimate concerns about lab conditions. LPAG’s collective experience is with nonhuman primates, but we think that there are underlying commonalities between how we feel about the monkeys and apes we’ve cared for and how you feel about your mice, rats, rabbits, and dogs. We think that it’s our responsibility to tell the stories of the monkeys and chimpanzees who are and were biomedical research subjects, the people who work with them in the lab, and why we oppose the use of nonhuman primates in biomedical research. We hope that these pages will also be eye-opening for those unfamiliar with the realities of biomedical research.