Butterfly was a rhesus born at Yerkes in 1984. Although her family never had high rank in her group, whenever any of her family memberswere in trouble or being attacked by others, she would ALWAYS step up and take action. There were numerous times when we would come in, and she would have a new wound or “skin-flap” on her back from protecting her family. Family truly meant the world to her (couldn’t us humans learn something about that these days!). Butterfly always had the most beautiful children. Rhesus typically range from a blonde to grey coat color, and although Butterfly never had much fur, her children were born with the reddest coats you could ever imagine – her kids stood out from the rest. At times, we would run her in so that we could get a look at her new infant – and she never hesitated to let us know that she did not appreciate us at all, but once all was said and done, she was ok with us – if we brought her a peanut butter sandwich. Butterfly had a number of human friends – who were quick to recognize when she was getting thin or ill. And these same friends always took time out of their day, to fix her a peanut butter sandwich or anything that she really liked, to try and help keep her weight up. Butterfly, you will be sorely missed by your friends and family – including your human friends. We’ll never forget you and your love for family.