For Pablo (1970-2001). Pablo Chimpanzee was born in Africa, spent some years in entertainment where his teeth were pulled and filed, was briefly at the University of Oklahoma where he was called P.B., then was sold to the Laboratory for Experimental Surgery in Primates (LEMSIP). Pablo’s life in the lab was filled with anxiety. He was referred to as a ‘hard core research animal’ at LEMSIP. He never took a needle, and was darted for each of his 220 knockdowns. He was hysterical at the sight of medical equipment and would thrash around his cage and cause himself to hyperventilate.

He spent 6 years at the Buckshire Corporation and when he was returned to LEMSIP, he was injected with 10,000 times the infectious dose of HIV. He was retired to the Fauna Foundation sanctuary in Quebec, Canada when LEMSIP closed down in 1997. He never tested positive for HIV, but his use and abuse in the laboratory marked his body in other ways.

He died on October 6th, 2001 at 31 years of age. His internal body was riddled with adhesions, scars, and infection. The pathologist couldn’t believe he had lived as long as he had.

Pablo lived for two things in life: food and friends. At Fauna he found both of these in plentitude and his last four years were spent eating, playing, and gazing at the female chimpanzees. He deserved so much more. We at Fauna will miss his giant lips, his throaty laugh, and his infectious food grunts.