In loving memory of Tupa Orangutan, 1958(?)-1998. Tupa Orangutan was wild caught as an infant in Sumatra sometime in the late 1950s. She was acquired by Yerkes Regional Primate Research Center in 1963, and spent her long life in a barren concrete enclosure. Tupa was an intelligent, strong-willed, feisty orangutan, and a gentle, tolerant mate to her final companion Minyak. Many of her companions and offspring now live in better conditions in zoos across the United States, but sadly Tupa was not among them. She died at Yerkes on December 18, 1998 from pneumonia related to chronic air sacculitis. She is believed to be survived by three of her nine children, Biji, Rusa, and Busar. Those who loved her hope that her spirit is back in the forests of Sumatra where she always belonged.